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Good Morning

It’s 1:04 and I am attempting to write.

I won’t do it any other time so I’ll do it now. I have been up since early this morning (past) therefore my faculties are a bit tired.

I’m currently writing important emails as I’v abandoned Calculus and don’t dare open Physics. Not because it’s intimidating so much as because I realize that if I can’t bestow even a modicum of focus on my favorite subject (Calculus) I will be that much less suited to tackle applications of Calculus that involve multiple theorems, abstractions and lots of algebra (a subject I have tolerated to get to Calculus).

So far I’ve managed to stay ahead of Engineering Design, English and Chemistry. I am ahead but by a smaller margin when it comes to Calculus and rather abreast in Physics. Being ahead seems to be an incredibly precarious state of existence which has taken a good deal of energy and initiative to attain – but it’s worth it. I figure if I die staying ahead at least I’ll have that week’s homework already done. 🙂

I was supposed to do Crew in the morning – but at this rate I doubt that will happen. I have this feeling that my schedule has spoken: I doubt I’ll be doing crew this semester.

In between all of this I am attempting to loosen my pen from the iron cage it seems to have been holden in – yes, I’m coming back to writing! 🙂

I would do a week’s recap (MKL’s birthday, NC primaries, Etta James etc) but in the interest of not sounding unnecessarily like a bumbling fool, I rest until I have more RAM available.

However I must mention that the Fab Labs have been invited to, and will be participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos this week!



Happy Holidays!


Well well well. We meet again. My blog and I. Or rather, you (the reader) and I.

I am mostly alive and well. Break started last week, but it’s taken until now for me to recover. Even at this point I’m still amazingly exhausted but I am declaring myself fit so that I may return to being efficient.

I spent the last two weeks of the semester semi-ill from fatigue. 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours will do that to you. And that wasn’t from cramming. In fact, I did good. No cramming. A little for bio but not really. I am proud of myself.

My final grade was good but not quite what I’d hoped (not what I’d worked myself to pieces (literally) for). I am on the Dean’s list however. Next semester however, I will be victorious! 😀

The past 3 months have been more than intense. Pretty much on all fronts. I can’t think of an aspect of my life that has been low key. Granted that it’s been like this all year. This year has been rough.

“My roller coaster has the biggest ups and downs
But as long as it keeps going
it’s unbelievable.”

That said, I’m writing primarily to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

Let’s keep our minds focused on how we can be a positive force. Each of us is a force. It’s up to us how we use our influence.


I posted a status on Facebook the other day. It said “If you complain about the hand you’re dealt, you probably don’t deserve to play the game.”

After I re-read it a bit later, it struck me strangely and I wanted to clarify.

First, it was NOT a political statement. Second I stand by it but in the introspective context. Each of us has a situation or a set of circumstances in which we exist. Some of these circumstances are within our control and some are not. We must optimize those variables which we can control and accept those that are constants. This said, we must understand the limitations of our circumstances and learn to thrive within those limitations.

This statement or idea is NOT a talking point for one person to use in being insensitive or judgmental towards another. We should be sensitive to the limitations of another’s situation and work together to ensure that we all can progress and thrive.

We are each other’s biggest resource. The community is a colossal force. A force to be reckoned with. We must remember this and press together, guided by the light of justice, equality, respect and tender care.

As we weave our selves (not just our monetary resources) together, respecting the privacy and entity of the individual, maintaining the boundaries of justice and equality and smoothing over our interactions with understanding and felicity we can move as one to maximize our own control of our environments. We, as we band together can ensure the success and freedom of all.

Happy Holidays.


T – 4 Days

-till classes start…yes I’m nervous. 🙂

I attended Wentworth’s orientation for “Colored” students (yes, colored??) yesterday.

It was very informative. We participated in activities that were designed to help us connect with each other. Several of WIT’s student resource departments gave presentations on what they do and how they can help us. We also had two lecture-style classes on transitioning into college from high school and succeeding in college.

My appreciation for my independent schooling experience grows with every bit of college information that I receive. I really believe that being an independent student will help me better face the challenges of college because I already know certain key things, such as the fact that my education is my sole responsibility.

I spent my first night on campus last night. I also had to face the challenge of “household” shopping last night. I don’t know where anything is…and there are soooo many things to get. I have new respect for my mom…but I have helped/been watching her and tried to emulate her efficiency. 🙂 At least everything was in English. I remember similar shopping in Amsterdam…where everything is in Dutch. 🙂

I have orientation in a couple minutes so I’d best be on my way.


The Past, The Present (The Aftermath)

From the other day…when I tried to write but fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion:

So Irene came and went. We were out of power for most of the day.

I learned three guitar songs and started reading my text books…lol.

It’s amazing how dependent we are on electricity. We should all try living in the old days again…candles are nice. Or get generators. And I was supposed to work on my website today…

Anyway, it seems that loosing power will bring out the worst in some people – literally. Some (large) woman came out in her underwear to bang on the tree remover’s truck. I guess she was trying to hurry them up? Instead several neighborhood children where scared for life.


My life would be correctly defined as insane. The past few days have been eventful, I’m still teaching at the Fab Lab, we have a meeting tomorrow with someone about setting up a second in this area, we survived Irene and have power, the past few days have been packed (packed) full and oh, did I forget to mention – I just found out that I’m moving into the dorm tomorrow.

(Starts frantically throwing her stuff into boxes)

So packing, shopping, teaching, moving and meeting – all in the same day. 😀
(If you’re thinking this is not possible to accomplish then you’re not the only one. Remember, my life: an insane sequence of improbable events, following after each-other in rapid succession.)

Therefore, I will bid you adieu and figure out which parts of my room stay, go, or must be purchased.

Also, our pastor left this week for Georgia. 😦


Come on Irene…(sung to the tune of Come On Eileen)

Are you ready for a hurricane? My brother is – he’s charging his camera. 🙂
So this post is powered by Qumana (spelled right this time).
Life has been exciting lately. I made this:
Now little kids can be "electrical engineers"! 😀
And there are other things to be happy about. We had positive meeting with an influential community member about expanding our operation (helping set up another lab).

Orientation starts Thursday. I’m participating in IMPACT!, the Women’s Mentor-ship program, NSBE and SWE…and if they have a program for commuter students I’ll probably take advantage of that.

It is going to be a challenge to keep up with everything, but I’ve decided that I’m not dropping the labs (particularly the TIE Project). I have a shortlist of things that stay and that particular activity made the cut. I’d also like to keep Pathfinders. We shall see how this works out.
I’m going to start (in the next couple of months, fundraising to attend Fab8 in New Zealand. Wanna help? 🙂

It’s going to be quite a weekend. Hurricane, Carnival and all (yes, this is carnival weekend here in Boston).
Since the Governor has all ready declared a state of emergency and everybody is pulling in huge numbers of personnel etc, we joke that if even a tree is so much as swayed by the winds, the National Guardsmen will be there to steady it.


Ecto – Because Bleezer Doesn’t Like Me

This post (if it even reaches the web) was written using Ecto. I tried Bleezer (a free desktop publishing tool) but couldn’t figure out the correct port for my self hosted WordPress blog (why do I need a port??).
Anyway, now I can write offline (without writing in MS Word or whatever) and post it directly. Or, if you think about it – I’ve just found another way to use up space on my already full hard drive. 🙂 Maybe the upside will be that my post increase in quality and thoughtfulness…hmm.
I stopped by the lab today after most everyone had gone. The kids that were there and had been there yesterday asked me why I hadn’t come in. Our group was able to hold down the fort – so hopefully we are well on our way to making my instruction optional. 🙂
I tried something in class the other day (a new teaching technique) that worked really well. I think I’m getting better at this. I’m excited.
All of my books are on their way (finally) :). I sent back that $100+ pamphlet that they called a textbook and got a used one for $80… -_-

Orientation starts in a week…hmm. Am I ready for this? Of course that’s a senseless question seeing that wether I’m ready or not – life keeps coming. To that point I’m realizing more and more that my schedule is my life line. I’m already off right now so this post must end.
We’ve gotten between 35 and 50 kids through the lab in the past 3 weeks. Now the staff are interested. They want to make shirts. We’re going to plan a staff night. 🙂
A Russian supply rocket, headed to the ISS crashed today. It didn’t even get into orbit. I think we should try a space shuttle. Of course NASA says that, even in light of the difficulty that the Russians are having with getting into space – we don’t need the shuttles.
I shook my head and laughed.

Workin’ it

According to my schedule (which we discussed yesterday), I have 2 minutes to write and publish this post (beings typing and stock market-like speeds). For those of you whose schedules allow, there is a GOP primary debate happening now on Fox. You should go watch it and tell me how it goes/what was said. 🙂 Thanks a ton!

Oops – two minutes is up and I’ve hardly written anything.

I worked with a lovely group of young ladies at the Y today. One of the girls is planning to make a “hater” themed t-shirt. Lol.
The steel-guitar-string induced pain in my fingertips seems to have plateaued. I played for an hour today with no measurable increase in discomfort. Yay! 🙂

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