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Happy Sabbath, I have a Wiki now :)

I had 4 brutal essays to write, but now they are all behind me. I have conquered them. Now I can catch up on my sleep. I’m learning that when you are under the most pressure is when you need your schedule the most. Of course that’s when you are most likely to NOT follow it.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! (jumps up and down) I have a wiki now! 🙂 I installed it today. It took forever and as yet has no content – but you should still check it out: I’ve decided that this is where my tutorials and such will be posted (for those of you who have noticed that I have yet to do my t-shirt tutorial). Actually, I’ve been planning this for a bit. It’s part of my web project that is slowly taking shape. I’m setting up my blog on my site next and a couple other pages (such as my Fab Academy archives).

I’m very glad for the Sabbath. This week (and every week really) has been hectic. I need the time to break and refocus.
God is good!



Je ne suis pas un poisson…

Je ne suis pas un poisson. It is true. I am not a fish. Good evening, Captain Obvious here. No, that was not what I was trying to tell my brother. I was actually trying to say something more relevant.

I’m learning French – and I’m like a baby all over again. I’m pointing to things and saying their names. Un ballon. Un tĂ©lĂ©phone. Une pomme. Un garçon. Je suis une femme. And their colors…L’herbe est vert. Les chats sont noirs. Un Tee-shirt. Un tee-shir est juane. La lune est blanche.
(Feel free to correct my mistakes.)

But I’m excited. I’m learning Françias! Even if I do declare once in a while that “Je ne suis pas un poisson – o un chat, une pomme…” or whatever other silly phrases may become of my learning.

I’m a guest “facilitator” for the young adult Sabbath school in the morning, so I’d best get some sleep so I can polish up my lesson in the morning. I’ll be up early. 9:15…I don’t know if I can remember the last time I was at church that early. Well, tomorrow will be the day. We’re talking about the Psalms as a model of worship in the Bible.

I speed-ed up the formation of several gray hairs today trying to set up my domain and hosting and install WordPress and map the domains to where I want them to go…and several other related tasks. All of the aforementioned tasks should have been easy(ier) but I’m terribly out of practice.

Stayed with my morning scheduled today. Not so much my evening schedule. Lol. It is the weekend – I am forgiven (I hope?). 🙂


Where’s my pepper?

Apparently, most of you have been using very bad table etiquette. According to various and supposedly reliable internet sources, in America, whenever you pass the salt, you must also pass the pepper as these two are “married”. So where’s my pepper?

Sharing makes life.
Or, sharing makes life worth living.
More worth living.
No, fundamentally, sharing makes life. A friend reminded me of this today during our conversation. By sharing a testimony of how I had overcome difficulty, this friend expressed to me, that they had been encouraged. I know I’m encouraged when I hear of others victories.

Imagine if we were a species devoid of the concept of sharing. I wouldn’t be writing this blog – sharing my life, views and opinions with you. Many of you (possibly me also) would not be alive because those who had made medical discoveries would not have even thought to share them with anyone else. Heck, no one would be alive because it would never have occurred to anyone to share their lives/themselves with another person.

Positive, productive sharing is one of the single most powerful vehicle of change and improvement known to man. You have gained the vast majority of whatever knowledge you have stored up in your brain because someone decided to share something with you. To take it a step further – you owe 100% of your knowledge and ability to people who shared with you. Yes, we learn things “on our own”, but the base of understanding that we use to even learn new things was shared with us.

Often we’re afraid to share. We’re afraid that what we have to share won’t be appreciated and that we’ll be looked on badly. Sometimes it’s good to think of your story from a different perspective. Don’t think of it as just you. This is bigger than you. Your story has a life of its own. It wants to get out – it needs to be told – it wants to take its place in the life cycle of good. Maybe you shouldn’t stand in its way. It has a job to do – it has someone to encourage – someone needs your story to complete theirs.

“And they overcame him…by the word of their testimony…”

So share – share your thanksgivings, share your joys, share your successes, share your victories; and pass the salt – with pepper on the side.
‘Tis the thought for today.

It was positively gorgeous outside today. Boston (and MA) is so beautiful in the summer – especially this year because we’ve had plenty of rain. I’ll have to post pictures sometime. It almost makes me want to be a tree, or a flower, just to be part of this exquisite symphony of color, texture, structure and dimension. Nature is poetry embodied.
(Swoons while gazing upon the Blue Hills.)
(Comes to again.)
Maybe I should marry a garden.

I had a blessed Sabbath. No, I could not understand the elder who spoke. Yes, he spoke for an hour, yes, he gave 20 minutes of “closing” remarks and yes, I started to feel like I was back in Amsterdam due to the communication barrier, but what I did pick up (more than I picked up while I was in The Netherlands) was inspiring. (Good food, cool people and stimulating conversation also helped.) 🙂

Basket ball in the morning. I wonder what injuries I will sustain tomorrow.

Day 4
86 Dayz to go

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