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July 6th…and the fireworks continue

Hmm…July 6th. Some part of my brain has (subconsciously) been thinking that it’s August 3rd. I’m really not sure why.

Another fireworks video in tribute to those of my neighborhood who firmly believe that the fireworks should go on. I also took this video at this year’s Boston Pops Spectacular.

I talked to my financial aid counselor today. She was really nice. The aid – not so much. It does help however so I’m going to take courage and find a job. I can’t work during the school year since my aid package already includes about 75 hours of work study per semester. I’ve spent the majority of my day researching scholarships, and getting information on loans. In fact – I plan to spend large portions of the next week or so glued to my computer screen, looking for ways to buy that which I can’t afford: an education. (Audible groans)

To be honest, it’s almost funny (and tragic) how poor I am – or how little money is worth – or maybe it’s a combination of both. Oh well, I should make friends with England’s new princess or a celebrity.

I flubbed my health insurance waiver form which probably means I have to wait until next week sometime to get it fixed. At that point I should also find out who my academic adviser is so I can register for classes (before every last one is filled – I already am going to have a significantly less-than-optimal schedule). I think I am registered for micro-biology. (Celebrates.)

On to happier topics. 🙂 I am now an official member of the National Society of Black Engineers, and have a pending membership to the Society of Women Engineers. I feel accomplished. Unfortunately, all of the software I have access to as a NESB student is for Windows. I wish they’d fund copies of Bootcamp for Mac users (like myself).

Of things that are incredibly difficult: “we will remember the Lord our God… “who maketh a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters;”

I refuse to become overwhelmed. 🙂

Classes in the morning. TIE Project meeting in the afternoon. Job search: engaged.

First week: done.
82 Dayz to go


Amazing Fireworks Pictures!

“Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!” As you shoot across the sky-y-y” (Katy Perry lyrics seemed appropriate here)

As I promised: tonight is picture night! Last night, I had the honor of sharing my prime spot on the Charles River Esplande during the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, with a very talented photographer, (check out Jemuel Stephenson Photography ) who kindly agreed to have his pictures featured on my blog. Above is a video of the finale that I took 🙂
The vocals are Sandi Patti singing The Star Spangled Banner (but mostly crowds of people screaming 🙂 ). I apologize on behalf of the police men who’s flashing lights insisted on photo-bombing my video. I think they were talking to a kayaker who had fallen in the river and lost his paddle while watching the show.











Also, today Ambition. Among Other Things topped 50 views. Thanks so much guys!! 🙂

Day 7
83 Dayz to go

It smells like Amsterdam

And so the fireworks continue. The July 4th, Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular was indeed just that – spectacular. Exponentially more so from right up on the river, conveniently located between the barge and the hatch-shell, several yards away from speaker number 5. Albeit we were sitting on rocks, wedged in the precious little space created by the “V” of a tree and it’s resident nest of bees, among some very displeased and unpleasant rushes, just in front of the family who had camped out on the river since 9AM to get a good view. Every time the helicopter or the speedboats came by, my toes got wet, and whenever the search lights shined, they introduced me to more tiny, winged creatures than I had remembered meeting in my entire life previous to that moment. But, it was all about the fireworks. The speakers were weak when compared with the space that they were to service, and the anticipation factor maybe just a bit abused. When the fireworks did come, however, we were all awed, elated and more patriotic then ever before.
Mission accomplished?
Mission accomplished.

I took some video and pictures so I’ll upload tomorrow (nods off to sleep)…

Today I got up early, spent a few hours working on my college budget (which I completed), played tennis for a while, came back, prepared, cooked and ate delicious cook-out food (the theory that everything tastes better when cooked over open fire is true 🙂 ).

In true American fashion, in spite of my exhaustion, tomorrow I hit the ground running with early classes and doctor’s
appointments to make. My battery is blinking red – I’m going to turn in before I fall asleep here and now.

More tomorrow!

(Btw, I back dated this post so that it would correspond to July 4th. Not cheating. 🙂 )

Day 6
84 Dayz to go

Happy Birthday USA – Now can you help me pay for school?

Happy birthday USA. In celebration, we will acclimate ourselves to the sounds of war. At least that’s what my area seems to be doing. I once heard a story of a woman who came over to the US from a conflict – torn area. When her hosts took her to the Independence day fireworks, she covered her head and fled in terror. To me, loud explosions constantly going off means folks are having a good time – it means something good happened. One day, I’d like to think, loud explosions will mean happy times – to everybody.

Check out this awesome up-and-coming artist:
Good stuff.

Also, My brother thinks Seven Come Eleven by Charlie Christian sounds like a good soundtrack for someones life. Listen and tell me who’s soundtrack you think it would be.

Last week I received good news and bad news.
Good news: I was accepted into Wentworth.
Bad news: I was accepted into Wentworth.
Yes, I’m thrilled to be accepted into Biomedical Engineering for this fall. No, I do not have $43,000 to pay for it.
And so the saga continues. Every rose must have it’s thorns. These just happen to cut particularly deep.

I’m trying to figure out where I can save money, where I can get money (Financial Aid…I am counting on you). To start with, I’m writing out an exhaustive budget in which I compare the cost of things like commuting (which may require me to purchase a car and insurance) vs not commuting (which means I get to pay room and board). I then must weigh the pros and cons of each and choose the lesser of the two evils.

However, while looking up used cars to get price quotes, I saw, and (almost) fell in love with this incredibly attractive 2001 Toyota Celica. Yes, yes, I know. (Almost) in love is the worst place to start. It does get 28/34 MPGs.

Distractions aside, I’m searching the internet for grants and scholarships and am about to begin an incredible amount of letter/essay writing.

I have classes in the morning – early so I need to get some study rest (these are conquer the SAT classes). And I must thank my neighbor for being so generous as to share his smoke with me – even if it is second hand. Last week it was the skunk. At least skunks are not carcinogenic.

Day 5
85 Dayz to go

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