Collateral Damage?

I Would Love To Be Able To Title This “Untitled” But That Would Be Confusing So I Will Title It “Collateral Damage”

It’s interesting to watch this power struggle in Washington. The way they use something as critical as an impending default to push special interest and party agendas. Its even more interesting to note that the majority of America is being tossed aside as collateral damage in this war.

I am sticking to a new bedtime (my back to school and productivity schedule).

I am pleased to announce that I tested out of my English 100 class. I was selected for English 125 (Honors)! I’m looking forwards to it. It deals with the development of “The Western Man”. Philosophy. Interesting.

With this test completed, I now know all of my classes for this semester!

I will be taking:

  • Engineering Calculus (Calculus I)
  • Engineering Physics (Calculus based)
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Cellular and Microbiology
  • English I Honors

I’m still trying to get all of my books.

Day 27
73 Dayz to go

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