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T – 4 Days

-till classes start…yes I’m nervous. 🙂

I attended Wentworth’s orientation for “Colored” students (yes, colored??) yesterday.

It was very informative. We participated in activities that were designed to help us connect with each other. Several of WIT’s student resource departments gave presentations on what they do and how they can help us. We also had two lecture-style classes on transitioning into college from high school and succeeding in college.

My appreciation for my independent schooling experience grows with every bit of college information that I receive. I really believe that being an independent student will help me better face the challenges of college because I already know certain key things, such as the fact that my education is my sole responsibility.

I spent my first night on campus last night. I also had to face the challenge of “household” shopping last night. I don’t know where anything is…and there are soooo many things to get. I have new respect for my mom…but I have helped/been watching her and tried to emulate her efficiency. 🙂 At least everything was in English. I remember similar shopping in Amsterdam…where everything is in Dutch. 🙂

I have orientation in a couple minutes so I’d best be on my way.



The Past, The Present (The Aftermath)

From the other day…when I tried to write but fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion:

So Irene came and went. We were out of power for most of the day.

I learned three guitar songs and started reading my text books…lol.

It’s amazing how dependent we are on electricity. We should all try living in the old days again…candles are nice. Or get generators. And I was supposed to work on my website today…

Anyway, it seems that loosing power will bring out the worst in some people – literally. Some (large) woman came out in her underwear to bang on the tree remover’s truck. I guess she was trying to hurry them up? Instead several neighborhood children where scared for life.


My life would be correctly defined as insane. The past few days have been eventful, I’m still teaching at the Fab Lab, we have a meeting tomorrow with someone about setting up a second in this area, we survived Irene and have power, the past few days have been packed (packed) full and oh, did I forget to mention – I just found out that I’m moving into the dorm tomorrow.

(Starts frantically throwing her stuff into boxes)

So packing, shopping, teaching, moving and meeting – all in the same day. 😀
(If you’re thinking this is not possible to accomplish then you’re not the only one. Remember, my life: an insane sequence of improbable events, following after each-other in rapid succession.)

Therefore, I will bid you adieu and figure out which parts of my room stay, go, or must be purchased.

Also, our pastor left this week for Georgia. 😦


While we melt…

As we melt into puddles under the merciless heat, I gather enough of myself to eek out a post…

Well, it’s not all that hot – just extremely humid… but then it feels like it’s extremely hot.

Tomorrow I order my summer reading book plus my first set of fastidiously selected, college notebooks (an excellent notebook is a must).

For now, I will try and get some rest…even though it is really and truly too hot to sleep.

Tomorrow we also set up the lab!

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