Good Morning

It’s 1:04 and I am attempting to write.

I won’t do it any other time so I’ll do it now. I have been up since early this morning (past) therefore my faculties are a bit tired.

I’m currently writing important emails as I’v abandoned Calculus and don’t dare open Physics. Not because it’s intimidating so much as because I realize that if I can’t bestow even a modicum of focus on my favorite subject (Calculus) I will be that much less suited to tackle applications of Calculus that involve multiple theorems, abstractions and lots of algebra (a subject I have tolerated to get to Calculus).

So far I’ve managed to stay ahead of Engineering Design, English and Chemistry. I am ahead but by a smaller margin when it comes to Calculus and rather abreast in Physics. Being ahead seems to be an incredibly precarious state of existence which has taken a good deal of energy and initiative to attain – but it’s worth it. I figure if I die staying ahead at least I’ll have that week’s homework already done. 🙂

I was supposed to do Crew in the morning – but at this rate I doubt that will happen. I have this feeling that my schedule has spoken: I doubt I’ll be doing crew this semester.

In between all of this I am attempting to loosen my pen from the iron cage it seems to have been holden in – yes, I’m coming back to writing! 🙂

I would do a week’s recap (MKL’s birthday, NC primaries, Etta James etc) but in the interest of not sounding unnecessarily like a bumbling fool, I rest until I have more RAM available.

However I must mention that the Fab Labs have been invited to, and will be participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos this week!


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