Yes, this is Me
I’m an aspiring engineer and progressive STEM educator. I was homeschooled for the entirety of my elementary and secondary academic career and will be attending Wentworth Institute of Technology in the fall of 2011 for Biomedical Engineering (Yay!)

What do I do (already)?
I work with the Community Fab Lab Project out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, a professor at MIT and director of the Center for Bits and Atoms. My biggest current engagement is starting a Community Fab Lab Network in Boston. We call it The Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Project.
In 2010, I earned my digital fabrication diploma from Fab Academy. I serve as a Fab Lab consultant, speaker, workshop facilitator, instructor lab manager or whatever the job calls for.
As per my interest in progressive, “hands on – minds on” science and technology education, I took the opportunity, during my high school years, to developed and pilot 3 informal science and technology learning programs spanning grades Pre-K through 12. All of these programs were based applied learning programs based on the Fab Lab technology platform.
I seek to address the issue of Technological Illiteracy through the Fab Labs and hands on – minds on educational programming methods.

(Some of my) Ambitionz

  • To earn my BS in Biomedical Engineering
  • To continue my education past college and earn a terminal degree
  • To become a consequential proponent of progressive, hands on – minds on STEM education for all
  • To visit every continent at least once
  • To strive for and achieve excellence in every aspect of my life
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