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We run this race just to keep our distance

This semester it is my goal to be ahead in all of my work. I refuse to be behind. In that spirit, I completed my first calculus assignment before classes started and the second shortly thereafter.

In spite of this ambitious start – I already feel behind. This may simply be a mind trick – but I can feel my stress-as-due-date-of-assignment-looms-closer levels rising.

I need to go back to my system of writing my assignments on sticky notes on my computer…that would help me de-stress and not have to worry about missing assignments.

Yes, my life at this point pretty much revolves around assignments. And time – well time is like sand. I’ve never been able to feel like I have a really good handle on it. It seems to slip through my fingers.

For instance: today. I had a meeting – the meeting was supposed to begin at 1230 and end at 1330. After a late arrival by one of the involved parties and extended round of pleasantries, the meeting commenced at 1315 and ended somewhere in the vicinity of 1445-1500.

So much for chemistry homework. Oh, and so much for writing my MKL tribute I had planned for tonight.

Instead I will continue to race towards my dream – acknowledging his role in giving me a fighting chance.

It’s either physics or bed now. Bed with a 400 rising time.



It’s far too late for this…

Good morning all,

It’s far too late for this. I should be soundly sleeping by now. Instead, I’m frantically writing html for my website. I think that possibly, as the syllabi and pre-class assignments roll in, I’m panicking and trying to get as much extra curricular (other life) stuff done before all of my time is monopolized.

I don’t think it’s gonna work however…I have orientation all day tomorrow and I’m gonna be toast. Well, maybe not cause I got to bed early last night…(I’m shaking my head at myself).

I should go to bed and get up early to do this.


P.S. Ooo! I just got a good idea for my website 🙂 – no, I’m not going to stay up to implement it…

T – 4 Days

-till classes start…yes I’m nervous. 🙂

I attended Wentworth’s orientation for “Colored” students (yes, colored??) yesterday.

It was very informative. We participated in activities that were designed to help us connect with each other. Several of WIT’s student resource departments gave presentations on what they do and how they can help us. We also had two lecture-style classes on transitioning into college from high school and succeeding in college.

My appreciation for my independent schooling experience grows with every bit of college information that I receive. I really believe that being an independent student will help me better face the challenges of college because I already know certain key things, such as the fact that my education is my sole responsibility.

I spent my first night on campus last night. I also had to face the challenge of “household” shopping last night. I don’t know where anything is…and there are soooo many things to get. I have new respect for my mom…but I have helped/been watching her and tried to emulate her efficiency. 🙂 At least everything was in English. I remember similar shopping in Amsterdam…where everything is in Dutch. 🙂

I have orientation in a couple minutes so I’d best be on my way.


Ecto – Because Bleezer Doesn’t Like Me

This post (if it even reaches the web) was written using Ecto. I tried Bleezer (a free desktop publishing tool) but couldn’t figure out the correct port for my self hosted WordPress blog (why do I need a port??).
Anyway, now I can write offline (without writing in MS Word or whatever) and post it directly. Or, if you think about it – I’ve just found another way to use up space on my already full hard drive. 🙂 Maybe the upside will be that my post increase in quality and thoughtfulness…hmm.
I stopped by the lab today after most everyone had gone. The kids that were there and had been there yesterday asked me why I hadn’t come in. Our group was able to hold down the fort – so hopefully we are well on our way to making my instruction optional. 🙂
I tried something in class the other day (a new teaching technique) that worked really well. I think I’m getting better at this. I’m excited.
All of my books are on their way (finally) :). I sent back that $100+ pamphlet that they called a textbook and got a used one for $80… -_-

Orientation starts in a week…hmm. Am I ready for this? Of course that’s a senseless question seeing that wether I’m ready or not – life keeps coming. To that point I’m realizing more and more that my schedule is my life line. I’m already off right now so this post must end.
We’ve gotten between 35 and 50 kids through the lab in the past 3 weeks. Now the staff are interested. They want to make shirts. We’re going to plan a staff night. 🙂
A Russian supply rocket, headed to the ISS crashed today. It didn’t even get into orbit. I think we should try a space shuttle. Of course NASA says that, even in light of the difficulty that the Russians are having with getting into space – we don’t need the shuttles.
I shook my head and laughed.

My Glass Slippers

My friend sent me this cute little quote today. It reads as follows: “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.”

My life is changing so – I guess it’s time for a new pair of show-stoppingly gorgeous, perfectly beautiful, goddesses-in-their-own-right shoes to help out.
Pour La Victoire baby 🙂


I thought about it a few seconds longer and changed my mind. My glass slippers look more like this:

This change in my life is all about hard work. It’s about carrying myself well, getting where I need to go, getting done what I need to get done. It’s about discipline, focus, training. It’s about being flexible, getting a grip and staying in motion.
My glass slippers are supportive, and durable. They’ll keep me protected and mobile. If I were to loose one somehow (dancing?), it’ll have a micro chip in it so they’ll know it’s mine. 🙂

I’m immensely thankful. My fever broke today after 5 days (4 with high temperatures and 2 with even higher sustained temperatures). I no longer feel like a dragon of sorts and am not having very thin (relating to the mental barriers between real life and other life) dreams about Narnia like lands. I’m perfectly fine. The last time something similar happened, I didn’t get out unscathed. But that was when I was little.

I was a little bit warm/weak this morning but by the time I finished the latest order of stuff for the lab, I was almost normal. This ordering process did happen to include a time intensive (I won’t tell you just how much time I speak of) and at best, traumatic journey throughout the mazes of DigiKey in the search for a “red 5 mm led” (yes, I dare you to search it. Do it. Go to and search it.). DigiKey is on of my favorite sites ever – because it has everything, which, in this case, worked decidedly against me. I learned a bit about LEDs however and I’m sure it helped me regain strength of some kind 🙂

I bought a Moleskine planner today. I’ll post pictures when it arrives.



Hmm…so I have been completely “missing in action” for the past few days. Truth be told, I got pretty ill very suddenly and have spent most of my time, since Friday, trying to get better. The wonderful thing about this is: I have a very dear guest over who is visiting from far away and the YMCA based Fab Lab opens tomorrow.

Life sometimes.

I went to the lab yesterday to try to get the vinyl cutter running (which is the first machine we’ll be using tomorrow) and was having difficulty. Now, today, I’m worse off then I was yesterday and aggressively “willing” my self to be better in time for tomorrow.


Alright. I’m going to go back to trying to get better.
I’ll write a proper lab update at a less ill, better time 🙂


Mosquito Ladies, Summer Reading, Murdoch and the BPS

My summer reading for Wentworth came today. 🙂 They assigned the Pulitzer Prize winner The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.
So far, I find the narrative style to be a bit brash, and the entirety of the first 7 pages (chapter 1) discuss a superstitious curse and how powerful and unavoidable it is. I’ve also started to wonder if epithets aren’t just a tad bit overused (and I’ve only been reading for less than 5 minutes). So far they aren’t as widely used as in A Million Little Pieces. I’m hoping for a great underlying structure and relevant points. I always feel a bit jaded when reading fiction as there are so many great stories that actually happened, but this one looks promising.
So far, so good. Here it is 🙂

My first Moleskine notebook. (No, I’m not sure what all the hype is over Moleskines but I got this one because I heard that they are good notebooks, it was on sale and I needed another pocket note receptacle. I love it so far.)


This is one of my other, self assigned summer readings (along with Campbell’s Biology, physics, chemistry, some literature, inventory lists and a yet unknown Calculus book).

The Boston Public Schools is planning to relocate two high schools. As the daughter of a Hyde Park BPS teacher, I disagree with this move (for reasons I don’t currently have the time to discuss). Click here to read the article

Today, I went to the clinic so my physician could sign some papers for school. The “mosquito ladies” took some of my blood 😦 I miss it.

Why is this Murdoch story dominating the news? The fact that you control the news does NOT make you news! And the whistle-blower is dead? Who could have predicted that? With much power comes much corruption.

The nice folks from Wentworth reopened the English test and called me, saying that I could take it any time in the next few days. It’s done 🙂

Day 21
69 Dayz to go

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