It’s far too late for this…

Good morning all,

It’s far too late for this. I should be soundly sleeping by now. Instead, I’m frantically writing html for my website. I think that possibly, as the syllabi and pre-class assignments roll in, I’m panicking and trying to get as much extra curricular (other life) stuff done before all of my time is monopolized.

I don’t think it’s gonna work however…I have orientation all day tomorrow and I’m gonna be toast. Well, maybe not cause I got to bed early last night…(I’m shaking my head at myself).

I should go to bed and get up early to do this.


P.S. Ooo! I just got a good idea for my website 🙂 – no, I’m not going to stay up to implement it…


T – 4 Days

-till classes start…yes I’m nervous. 🙂

I attended Wentworth’s orientation for “Colored” students (yes, colored??) yesterday.

It was very informative. We participated in activities that were designed to help us connect with each other. Several of WIT’s student resource departments gave presentations on what they do and how they can help us. We also had two lecture-style classes on transitioning into college from high school and succeeding in college.

My appreciation for my independent schooling experience grows with every bit of college information that I receive. I really believe that being an independent student will help me better face the challenges of college because I already know certain key things, such as the fact that my education is my sole responsibility.

I spent my first night on campus last night. I also had to face the challenge of “household” shopping last night. I don’t know where anything is…and there are soooo many things to get. I have new respect for my mom…but I have helped/been watching her and tried to emulate her efficiency. 🙂 At least everything was in English. I remember similar shopping in Amsterdam…where everything is in Dutch. 🙂

I have orientation in a couple minutes so I’d best be on my way.


The Past, The Present (The Aftermath)

From the other day…when I tried to write but fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion:

So Irene came and went. We were out of power for most of the day.

I learned three guitar songs and started reading my text books…lol.

It’s amazing how dependent we are on electricity. We should all try living in the old days again…candles are nice. Or get generators. And I was supposed to work on my website today…

Anyway, it seems that loosing power will bring out the worst in some people – literally. Some (large) woman came out in her underwear to bang on the tree remover’s truck. I guess she was trying to hurry them up? Instead several neighborhood children where scared for life.


My life would be correctly defined as insane. The past few days have been eventful, I’m still teaching at the Fab Lab, we have a meeting tomorrow with someone about setting up a second in this area, we survived Irene and have power, the past few days have been packed (packed) full and oh, did I forget to mention – I just found out that I’m moving into the dorm tomorrow.

(Starts frantically throwing her stuff into boxes)

So packing, shopping, teaching, moving and meeting – all in the same day. 😀
(If you’re thinking this is not possible to accomplish then you’re not the only one. Remember, my life: an insane sequence of improbable events, following after each-other in rapid succession.)

Therefore, I will bid you adieu and figure out which parts of my room stay, go, or must be purchased.

Also, our pastor left this week for Georgia. 😦


Wind, Rain, and CSS

I meant to post last night. However, I had difficulty resurfacing after my head-first dive into what I would later discover to be advanced CSS.

I’m trying to build a webpage. I’d like it to be centered, with a fixed width (relative to your browser). It should have a scaling background, no overflow, and interactive, layered graphics. I’m planning to do all of this using HTML5 and CSS. I’d like it to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox 3+, IE 8+, Safari, and Opera. Please add any other popular browsers I might have missed

I had to give a brief presentation yesterday, and for the first time that I can recall, my legs were literally shaking. The presentation seemed to go well, and I got positive feedback. I had finished putting it together about 5 minutes before hand, as I thought I was giving it much later than I actually was scheduled.

The drizzle started yesterday afternoon and was intermittent into the night. That’s when the downpour started — but still no wind. Now it’s still raining heavily and some pretty good winds have started. Mostly intermittent in gusts.

I’m keeping all my electronics plugged in (phone, ipod, computer) so that in the event that we loose power, I can still work? I don’t actually think that will happen though (because we’d also loose internet access). I’ll probably use my flashlight and read….


Testing….(MarsEdit this time)

I’m testing MarsEdit right now (a trial version of course). Not happy with Qumana’s lack of spell check for HTML…not happy about not being able to publish the same post to multiple blogs (in Ecto). Having difficulty setting up Bleezer with my self-hosted blog.

So far MarsEdit has spell check and a nice smooth interface…let’s check posting capabilities.


Come on Irene…(sung to the tune of Come On Eileen)

Are you ready for a hurricane? My brother is – he’s charging his camera. 🙂
So this post is powered by Qumana (spelled right this time).
Life has been exciting lately. I made this:
Now little kids can be "electrical engineers"! 😀
And there are other things to be happy about. We had positive meeting with an influential community member about expanding our operation (helping set up another lab).

Orientation starts Thursday. I’m participating in IMPACT!, the Women’s Mentor-ship program, NSBE and SWE…and if they have a program for commuter students I’ll probably take advantage of that.

It is going to be a challenge to keep up with everything, but I’ve decided that I’m not dropping the labs (particularly the TIE Project). I have a shortlist of things that stay and that particular activity made the cut. I’d also like to keep Pathfinders. We shall see how this works out.
I’m going to start (in the next couple of months, fundraising to attend Fab8 in New Zealand. Wanna help? 🙂

It’s going to be quite a weekend. Hurricane, Carnival and all (yes, this is carnival weekend here in Boston).
Since the Governor has all ready declared a state of emergency and everybody is pulling in huge numbers of personnel etc, we joke that if even a tree is so much as swayed by the winds, the National Guardsmen will be there to steady it.


Testing: blog, 2, 3

I’m looking for a blogging client that will allow cross posting…Ecto doesn’t seem to have this feature and neither does Bleezer.
This post is written with Qumana. Quma is free and didn’t give me any setup trouble. Let’s see if I can cross post with Quma.


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