It’s Just Me, My Pencil And My Wits

I’m nervous. I had 4 classes today which went well. I have Calculus tomorrow. I just found out that we have a pretest which counts for almost 20% of our grade.
I like how on the syllabus, the professor says that for tests we will have “nothing but your[our] pencils and your[our] wits”.

I have Physics early tomorrow and Calc a little bit later.

English 125 was interesting. I liked it. We had a stimulating discussion.

I’m so tired though…and for some reason I thought I had biology tomorrow but I don’t. (Puts Bio HW down and picks up math).


I did have a really good workout this morning. It was short but I ran (on a treadmill) almost 2 miles in about 22 minutes.

“Know thyself”
“Commune with thine own heart upon thy bed and be still”

(Yes, English 125 stuff)


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  1. glad you are enjoying skool 🙂 hehe

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