Wind, Rain, and CSS

I meant to post last night. However, I had difficulty resurfacing after my head-first dive into what I would later discover to be advanced CSS.

I’m trying to build a webpage. I’d like it to be centered, with a fixed width (relative to your browser). It should have a scaling background, no overflow, and interactive, layered graphics. I’m planning to do all of this using HTML5 and CSS. I’d like it to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox 3+, IE 8+, Safari, and Opera. Please add any other popular browsers I might have missed

I had to give a brief presentation yesterday, and for the first time that I can recall, my legs were literally shaking. The presentation seemed to go well, and I got positive feedback. I had finished putting it together about 5 minutes before hand, as I thought I was giving it much later than I actually was scheduled.

The drizzle started yesterday afternoon and was intermittent into the night. That’s when the downpour started — but still no wind. Now it’s still raining heavily and some pretty good winds have started. Mostly intermittent in gusts.

I’m keeping all my electronics plugged in (phone, ipod, computer) so that in the event that we loose power, I can still work? I don’t actually think that will happen though (because we’d also loose internet access). I’ll probably use my flashlight and read….


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  1. CSS can be a pain at times.. sigh..

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