An Earthquake? What Earthquake?

So, I am trying to get started with the blogging tool of choice (as I read online), Ecto. (It’s free for almost a month so I figured I’d try it out.)

I am currently lost and far too tired to get found. Therefore, I’ve gone back to good ole’ Copy n’ Paste for all my blogging needs.

There was an earthquake today – or so I heard. I remembered what seemed to be a large truck going past right about the time. I afterwards remembered that large trucks don’t usually pass by the lab.

I’ve spent almost 8 hours a day at the lab on average this week. I’m getting better at teaching – but I’m also very tired. We’ve been working with groups of 10-12 kids (sometimes more) at a time. I planned to only work with groups of 5 at a time but they all want to come and camp is over in a week. We’ve had about 30 kids go through the lab so far.

Effect? I won’t be going in tomorrow until the staff meeting at 2. Maybe. (Hears the lab calling in the distance…)

I repaired my electronic business card that I made in NC 😀


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