Reminicence: from this time last year

You get two post today. 🙂

I just saw this on Facebook and hadd to share. 🙂 This time last year I was in the Netherlands, traveling solo. I was there for a conference (Fab6 actually) and had just found out that one of my dream destinations was nearby where I was staying (I was in Amsterdam).

This snippet is from my Facebook wall:

“Makeda’s Profile · Makeda’s Wall

Makeda Stephenson
‎*sings* I’m gonna go to Harlem, I’m gonna go to Harlem…la la la XD

I just found out that the Ten Boom House is a museum and gives free tours!! YAY!!! (Context: I read The Hiding Place 2or 3 times before I was 11& watched the movie) *stops and thinks realistically* I really hope I get to go to Harlem… 😐

I found the church…(a medal would be in order..smh). Had a great Sabbath so far 😀
August 14, 2010 at 1:04pm · Privacy: · Like ·
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Donalyn Parker Stephenson Excellent!! GO!! Try to take J.J. with you. It is always nicer to tour with company. Even if is only a bunch of stuffed polyester!! I’m glad that you found the church. How was it? Did the people speak to you in English? Were they friendly? By the way– you started reading the hiding place around 5 yrs. This is a BIG opportunity for you!!! When can we Skype you?
August 14, 2010 at 4:17pm · Like”

So, right now, I had hoped to be in Lima, Peru. But this year, for the first time since I started highschool, my summer has not included a long-distance (usually overseas) trip.
My summer has been productive, but I very much miss the pure joy of being someplace new and far away. That said, I’m incredibly excited as, for the first time, I’m running our own brand new lab my very own community! This fab lab is very much a dream come true for me in many ways.
Therefore, I shelve my wander lust and log onto the video conference for Fab7 – from the Roxbury YMCA Fab Lab.


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