Je ne suis pas un poisson…

Je ne suis pas un poisson. It is true. I am not a fish. Good evening, Captain Obvious here. No, that was not what I was trying to tell my brother. I was actually trying to say something more relevant.

I’m learning French – and I’m like a baby all over again. I’m pointing to things and saying their names. Un ballon. Un téléphone. Une pomme. Un garçon. Je suis une femme. And their colors…L’herbe est vert. Les chats sont noirs. Un Tee-shirt. Un tee-shir est juane. La lune est blanche.
(Feel free to correct my mistakes.)

But I’m excited. I’m learning Françias! Even if I do declare once in a while that “Je ne suis pas un poisson – o un chat, une pomme…” or whatever other silly phrases may become of my learning.

I’m a guest “facilitator” for the young adult Sabbath school in the morning, so I’d best get some sleep so I can polish up my lesson in the morning. I’ll be up early. 9:15…I don’t know if I can remember the last time I was at church that early. Well, tomorrow will be the day. We’re talking about the Psalms as a model of worship in the Bible.

I speed-ed up the formation of several gray hairs today trying to set up my domain and hosting and install WordPress and map the domains to where I want them to go…and several other related tasks. All of the aforementioned tasks should have been easy(ier) but I’m terribly out of practice.

Stayed with my morning scheduled today. Not so much my evening schedule. Lol. It is the weekend – I am forgiven (I hope?). 🙂


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