My Glass Slippers

My friend sent me this cute little quote today. It reads as follows: “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.”

My life is changing so – I guess it’s time for a new pair of show-stoppingly gorgeous, perfectly beautiful, goddesses-in-their-own-right shoes to help out.
Pour La Victoire baby 🙂


I thought about it a few seconds longer and changed my mind. My glass slippers look more like this:

This change in my life is all about hard work. It’s about carrying myself well, getting where I need to go, getting done what I need to get done. It’s about discipline, focus, training. It’s about being flexible, getting a grip and staying in motion.
My glass slippers are supportive, and durable. They’ll keep me protected and mobile. If I were to loose one somehow (dancing?), it’ll have a micro chip in it so they’ll know it’s mine. 🙂

I’m immensely thankful. My fever broke today after 5 days (4 with high temperatures and 2 with even higher sustained temperatures). I no longer feel like a dragon of sorts and am not having very thin (relating to the mental barriers between real life and other life) dreams about Narnia like lands. I’m perfectly fine. The last time something similar happened, I didn’t get out unscathed. But that was when I was little.

I was a little bit warm/weak this morning but by the time I finished the latest order of stuff for the lab, I was almost normal. This ordering process did happen to include a time intensive (I won’t tell you just how much time I speak of) and at best, traumatic journey throughout the mazes of DigiKey in the search for a “red 5 mm led” (yes, I dare you to search it. Do it. Go to and search it.). DigiKey is on of my favorite sites ever – because it has everything, which, in this case, worked decidedly against me. I learned a bit about LEDs however and I’m sure it helped me regain strength of some kind 🙂

I bought a Moleskine planner today. I’ll post pictures when it arrives.


  1. This is funny, because a few days ago I also wrote about the lesson behind Cinderella’s story – but you gave me a different perspective to it, as well.

    Here is the post I wrote, in case you are curious:

    • Thanks for the comment! I read your post on Cinderella – good points 🙂

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