“Let’s make getting stoned sound chivalrous”

Today I’ve been blessed with a little more energy, more mobility, increased strength and clearer brain function. among other things. 🙂 Yay! I’m getting better.
I am able to remember the so-called “no-brainers” we so often take for granted and that I have been having so much difficulty with over the past few days (e.g. my computer password or lab related topics).
I can sit up now and stay up with out being exhausted and can walk better. My strength is coming back.
Overall, I’m starting to feel better.

I haven’t heard much about anything happening outside my room lately but I will eventually look up what happened on the 1st of August. I did hear that my grandfather’s check was late.

This add for one of these high-end, high performance eye-wear brands depicts characters as being stone drunk and hungover and then equates this with being “dead tired” and still holding on. There’s a difference between drunk and tired. Or maybe they were trying to make getting stoned sound chivalrous.

I don’t have enough energy to finish collating any other thoughts right now, but I will leave you with this:

It’s a clip from this nature show that I saw many years ago and my brothers just reminded me of tonight. It’s cute. Enjoy 🙂


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