I’m Not Dead Yet : Winehouse, Tragedy in Norway and Breastfeeding

(And I am also not P!nk.)

The past couple of days have been disastrous with regards to my blog. The first night of my absence (Friday) it was about 105 degrees. I took a brief “nap” on the floor, in front of the fan in a desperate attempt to not melt. Of course, by the time I cooled down enough to awake and move, it was quite dark, and the house was silent and pitch black. I dragged my self to bed. The next night, I wrote a post, the internet flaked out as I was uploading, and I lost the whole thing. It was 130AM so my bed won out.

Pathetic news: A lone gunman/bomber kills/injures 200 people. He is allowed to corner children on an island and shoot them for 90 minutes. The adults thought it was a scene for a movie and just watched from a safe place.
WHERE WERE THE ADULTS? Did they call the police? Where were the police? Did the adults try to get them to a safe place? Did they suggested that they go talk to him? (Please do not say I’m being insensitive, I am shocked and appalled at this tragedy just as much as anyone else.) Thinking people want to know: What in the world happened here? How in the world did this happen? Seriously. Think about it. This story doesn’t add up. 90 minutes?

In other, “less” tragic news, one woman dies. It appears that we are all dying. My condolences to Amy Winehouse’s family. I still must ask, were you surprised?
The world debates whether or not, young children should “play” breastfeeding. Critics think it’s too graphic. I ask: At what point do we, as a society, get over the elementary school mindset where everything is “wrong”(dirty/inappropriate) and girls have cooties?
(I think it’s a normal, productive behavior but don’t think I’d drop $60 to give my kid a breastfeeding doll. Regular dolls (which don’t include halter-tops) work just as well.)
Gays marry in the Empire State (and those who are not gay marry same-sex partners “just to make a statement”). That last part was meant to make a point – not as actual news.

In things that never made it on the news, but should have: a group of black men, passing by when a woman’s car was broken into right in front of her, chased down and helped police catch and arrest the thug who had made off with the woman’s purse.

By way of inspiration: here’s a link to Chanel 5’s A plus program. This particular week, my friend Guy was featured. Be encouraged when you click here to watch it.

I’ve completed everything that is outstanding on my new student checklist for Wentworth. (Yay!) Now life is all about the SATs and Calculus/Physics. I stayed up all night the other day watching Prof. Strang in Highlights of Calculus. Good stuff. I’m going to try to see if I can get my book soon and, using open course ware etc, learn as much as possible before classes actually start (in the first week of Sept.).

The TIE Project is taking off. Yes!

Day (I’m not sure what this day is…)
Still going (will figure this out in the morning)

P.S. Anybody want to design a website for me?

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