So my dad and brother took a short trip to my grandparent’s place out in the boondocks. The awesome thing about these boondocks is that they house my grandparent’s hundred (100) plus blueberry bushes. These bushes are simply loaded with big, fat ripe blueberries. We always gorge ourselves when we visit, but I haven’t been up there during blueberry season in years. 😦 Therefore, when my dad and brother came back today with a 5-gallon pail of blueberries in tow, I was very pleased to say the least :D.
(Best thing on the planet 🙂 )

I’m tired, as I’ve spent my day in various exciting activities; these activities included: melting under oppressive heat, and searching through long lists of inventory parts and the internet to find all the pieces of a lab that are necessary for us to run this program at the YMCA. I also got a long list of scholarships for which I may be eligible. I’m going to start looking up and applying to them tomorrow. 🙂

Isn’t she a beauty?
Designed by a friend/colleague/instructor of mine (Shawn Wallace) and based on Neil’s “Hello World” boards.
I’m hoping to use these in the new lab.

Day 22
78 Dayz to go

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