Japan, Congrats. (Yes, there is more to this message)

Today was a sports day – we played basketball and tennis so we were out pretty much all day. I drank more water today than I’ve probably drank all week – it was that hot (the last statement is a slight exaggeration). It was a good time with family and friends (new and old), and my shooting percentage has vastly improved :).

We will be finishing up curriculum development for the TIE Project tomorrow along with setting up the lab (on location). (I’m excited! 🙂 )
Twitter is/has become my main news source. I am now officially a part of our modern generation.

I read an interesting article about an “artificial leaf” that’s been designed to be many more times more efficient than an organic leaf at energy generation (using solar energy and water). This was designed by an MIT professor (not surprising) and is being marketed for use in developing countries. This apparatus could power a house (in a developing country) for an entire day using only one gallon of water (I do suppose it would also have to be a sunny day). It is mainly made from things like silicon and “doesn’t resemble a real leaf”.
Read more about it here:
WIRED UK and the American Chemical Society.

I find it entertaining that Twitter uses Tumblr to post updates when Twitter isn’t working. Twitter Status


The Obama’s watched the Women’s World Cup at the Whitehouse: I have proof.

Congrats Japan…a little kid said that it was a good thing they won: they “needed it more”, speaking with respect to the latest natural distastes that have struck Japan. That said, I’m not a sore looser – it was a good game. Good job Japan.

Dear Empire of the Red Sun,
You won! Congratulations.
We will win next time.
An American Woman

Day 19
71 Dayz to go

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