And They Lived Happily Ever After…

I just(within the hour) got back from a friends wedding. Great night – good food – good people – it was nice to see everyone and catch up.

The couple had their best man and maid of honor read their love/life story to the attendees prior to the start of the ceremony. The story was interspersed with appropriate musical pieces, performed live by their friends.
The groom was incredibly happy – the bride was gorgeous and glowing. Picture perfect. I told him to take good care of her. 🙂

New levels – new devils…that’s what the elder said in church today. We all know it’s true. It’s scary – to think that the next thing will be harder than whatever you just conquered – but it’s ok ’cause we can overcome with the tools/lessons we learned from the last time. He also said sometimes you just have to tell the devil to get away from you. Duly noted and applied.

It’s almost 2am so I will cut this post short. I did get an ID picture taken (JJS Photography) which I will be submitting tonight. Another thing off my checklist! 🙂 Some of my friends where talking to me tonight about college – and what I’ll have to do to get the grades I want. (All As…)

Day 18
72 Dayz to go

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