The World’s Biggest Lie – What is it? and Would You Have Believed It?


Well – maybe not. I googled “The world’s biggest lie” and got everything from the Trojan horse to Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, to the Clinton/Lewinsky fiasco to Nazi propaganda.

The most interesting thing I read however, was the “biggest lie” theory. It basically says that most people tell little lies, so if you tell a huge lie, and get your point out first – you are more likely to be believed. Basically, go big or go home when it comes to lying. I’m not going to give case in point (not now at least).

I need to go to bed earlier than I’ve been. Therefore, I’m going to get off of here.

You are welcomed to answer the questions in the comment box 🙂

Day 17
73 Dayz to go

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