Bleary eyes…

Is it possible to go blind from staring at a computer screen too much?

So I spent my day (the vast majority of it) pouring through page after digital page of information regarding student loans. If not from staring at the screen, I may go blind from seeing some of the terms for these loans…

Between this and the classes I’m taking, I really don’t have time for anything else. (and I still have homework to do for tomorrow)…

I said “hi” – now I’m back to work. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to post something more entertaining. 🙂

TIE Project workshop meeting tomorrow afternoon: curricula development – my favorite. 🙂

I’m putting in so many hours with my school prep and financing stuff because everything is due in less than a month. I’ve been praying the whole time that everything will come through in two – three weeks (my financial adviser said it usually takes 2 months).

God is good – all the time.

Day 12
78 Dayz to go

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