It smells like Amsterdam

And so the fireworks continue. The July 4th, Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular was indeed just that – spectacular. Exponentially more so from right up on the river, conveniently located between the barge and the hatch-shell, several yards away from speaker number 5. Albeit we were sitting on rocks, wedged in the precious little space created by the “V” of a tree and it’s resident nest of bees, among some very displeased and unpleasant rushes, just in front of the family who had camped out on the river since 9AM to get a good view. Every time the helicopter or the speedboats came by, my toes got wet, and whenever the search lights shined, they introduced me to more tiny, winged creatures than I had remembered meeting in my entire life previous to that moment. But, it was all about the fireworks. The speakers were weak when compared with the space that they were to service, and the anticipation factor maybe just a bit abused. When the fireworks did come, however, we were all awed, elated and more patriotic then ever before.
Mission accomplished?
Mission accomplished.

I took some video and pictures so I’ll upload tomorrow (nods off to sleep)…

Today I got up early, spent a few hours working on my college budget (which I completed), played tennis for a while, came back, prepared, cooked and ate delicious cook-out food (the theory that everything tastes better when cooked over open fire is true 🙂 ).

In true American fashion, in spite of my exhaustion, tomorrow I hit the ground running with early classes and doctor’s
appointments to make. My battery is blinking red – I’m going to turn in before I fall asleep here and now.

More tomorrow!

(Btw, I back dated this post so that it would correspond to July 4th. Not cheating. 🙂 )

Day 6
84 Dayz to go

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