Hi. Uh, hello world.

Hello World

Hi Everybody.

I’m finally going in. Yes. I’m starting a blog.
My blogging ambition is to blog daily for the next three months (gulp).
I sit here listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered and cringe at the idea. I’ve been considering this for quite a while actually. I use to journal religiously – but that was years ago. This is a bit different, especially as I’m now writing to an audience. I’m afraid that I won’t have content worth reading, or that my writing style will cause reader’s eyes to bleed and I’ll be banned from the internet (or something horrible like that), or that (more realistically) I would just not stick with it and fall off the face of cyberspace. However, you never know if you don’t try it. Besides, I’m on an adventure – and it would be swell to have you along. (Oh, and I seem to have an extra dosage of willpower so let’s put it to use.)

I am a pre-undergrad, independent student, navigating the somewhat treacherous waters of Academia with her sign set for college. I am also a digital fabrication instructor, community Fab Lab “guru”, program developer, progressive education enthusiast, aspiring community organizer and a huge fan of Italian gelato . My academic ambition is to become a Biomedical Engineer and consequential proponent of progressive STEM education for the masses (because knowledge + skill = power).

I’m working with something called The TIE Project We’re just getting started and we’re hoping to launch our first public impact project in July for the summer. We’re tentatively putting a Fab Lab (will do a post on Fab Labs a some point, for now fab.cba.mit.edu) in our local YMCA. We’re working with Fab Central (at MIT) to get machines and materials. I spent some time today putting together a draft program and sent it to our group for review. The current schedule provides 20 hours per week of programming – not including staff/volunteer training time… I’ll be the main lab manager and program coordinator…and I may need to take a job this summer. Something we need to work out. Hopefully we’ll get more staff. 🙂

Yesterday I had my first water tubing and skiing experience. I had the time of my life – it was awesome. I did find out just how out of shape I am, and that coupled with all the bouncing, holding on for dear life and being dragged through the water at 30 MPH amounts to a certain amount of pain. Apparently the amount of pain is proportionate to the amount of fun had. Exercise routine – here I come. As soon as I’m done with this I’ll do some sit-ups :).

Day 1
89 Days to go.


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